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Liability insurance provides you with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage for which you or your family members are legally responsible.  Whether the injury or property damage happens on or away from your property, Stark Farmers Mutual Insurance Company works with North Star and RAM to provide you with coverage needed for your protection.


Farm Personal Liability Coverage provides Personal, Farm Operations, and Premises Liability and Medial Payments to Others.  Coverages provided include the following:

  • Outboard Motors
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Coverage for Damage to Property of Others
  • Employers Liability for Part Time Employees Working 40 Days or Less Per Year
  • Property Damage for Spray Drift of Agricultural Chemicals
  • Coverage for Farm Pollution/Clean up
  • Accidental injury or damage to property while on premises
  • Off-premises personal activities

Homeowners can receive personal liability and medical payments to others as well. 

For farm and homeowners’ liability, there is a base limit for liability, a base limit for medical payments to others regardless of fault and a limit to pay for property of others damaged by you regardless of fault.

Additional optional liability coverages are also available.

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